Integrated Management System

Brasfond´s Quality, Health, Environment and Security Integrated Management System follows the standards of ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, as these are considered part of the Group's business policies.

QHSE Policy

Brasfond Group is constantly developing the implementation of special foundations and geotechnics, employing modern technology and achieving continuous improvement through groundbreaking processes and performances, with a commitment to:

  • Meet the expectations of our costumers;
  • Protect the environment;
  • Prevent pollution and incidents of our employees;
  • Meet the legal and other requirements of the organization; and
  • Improve continuously.

Safety and Health

Health and Safety are priority issues in the work of Brasfond Group.

Fostering a preventive posture, in order to offer an environment with healthier and safer working conditions for all its employees, the Group has incorporated the standard OHSAS 18001:1999 for its environmental management system in 2006. All results have a systematic follow-up, with preventive and corrective actions for every recorded event.


The business and affairs of the Group Brasfond are conducted in accordance with an effective environmental management system. In 2014, the Group achieved ISO 14001 certification, which recognizes the balance between maintaining business profitability and reducing environmental impact, with the commitment of the entire organization.